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The Second Angel's Message is "Babylon is Fallen." But what does the fall of ancient Babylon have to do with us and a final message of warning before the 2nd Coming of Jesus? Join us for part 1 of the study of the 2nd Angels' Message in our Present Truth Series.

About Our Pastor

Pastor Mercado
Pastor Nelson Mercado has served as pastor in the KY-TN Conference since 2012 after graduating with a BA in Theology from SAU in Collegedale, TN. His first assignment was Murfreesboro/Tullahoma/Decherd Church district where he served for 6 years. Before he was a pastor, he worked as a paramedic for the Philadelphia Fire Department where he served for 11 years as both paramedic and firefighter and also worked as a paramedic for Memorial Hospital in Chattanooga for 4 years...
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