This Personal Ministries Department's primary focus is evangelism. Its goal is to help prepare men and women for the kingdom of glory. The Personal Ministries Department works closely with the other departments to assist in their evangelistic efforts. Some of the activities of Personal Ministries include: (1) free personal Bible studies; (2) group Bible studies, such as the Voice of Prophecy Bible Courses and Revelation Seminars; (3) tract distribution, and other evangelistic programs.

Online Resources
  • Adventist Review - The Adventist Review is the flagship journal of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Founded by James and Ellen White in 1849, the magazine is the one of the oldest religious publications in North America. The Review is published weekly and has a paid circulation of nearly 30,000. The Online Edition features selected articles and news from the magazine and also offers some web-only features.
  • Amazing Facts - Amazing Facts is a Christian organization that believes in the fundamental teachings of the Bible and Christianity. The current speaker, Doug Batchelor, is a talented, innovative speaker with an unusual ability to communicate—not only to churchgoers, but also to the millions of secular-minded people in North America today. Under his dynamic leadership, Amazing Facts is now broadcasting four different television programs and one live call-in radio program on major media outlets throughout North America.
  • Ellen G. White Estate - Read writings from the Spirit of Prophecy here.
  • It Is Written - It Is Written is a deeply spiritual ministry passionate about communicating the Gospel to the world. It Is Written seeks to impact lives for Christ in four ways—through the weekly telecast, the Internet, a worldwide evangelistic ministry, and Christian living and faith-sharing resources.
Free Bible Studies - Discover the Bible

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