The Sabbath School Department is the historic beginning of worship on the Sabbath. It is the department that combines the following entities into the worship experience of all who attend: Bible Study, Fellowship, and focus on the community and the global mission.

The Sabbath School is comprised of age and interest appropriate Bible Study units. The fellowship program begins with music and prayer, which is then followed by the study of topical themes such as Relationships and Prophets of the Bible.

Throughout the quarter, programs incorporate global mission needs with a focus on faraway places like Croatia, exotic missions in Africa, Australia and Inter-America.

The Sabbath School is open to everyone from infancy through the centennial years. We invite you to experience Bible Study and contribute to the very fabric of the church in the worship of God.

The Study Units are as follows:

Unit Age Meeting Location
Beginner/Cradle Roll Ages Birth–2
Kindergarten 3 – 4
Primary 5 – 9
Juniors & Earliteens 10 – 14 Upstairs Left
Youth 15-18 Young Adult Classroom
Elder Chito Pugao /Elder Thomas Hardy / Ann Foster/ André Wilson Adult Sanctuary
Elder Orville Bignall Collegiate/ Young Adults Library

Join us for challenging and informative study of the Bible, while sharing information and services to our communities through global outreach.

There are some resources online for those who are interested in reading the Adult Sabbath School Bible Study Guide at Also, we have the Guide at, a magazine targeting the Juniors and Earliteens. We also have the Insight magazine at targeting Earliteens and Cornerstone.