Vacation Bible School
Every summer, dedicated individuals and families at Nashville First put in a lot of time and energy into a week filled with learning, fun, and laughter during our VBS program.

Youth Ministry
Youth are our future leaders. The Nashville First church family is a dedicated church family to our youth. We have individuals within our church family that are dedicated to serving our youth. Everyone participates at Nashville First in one form or another in a youth ministry, however, certain individuals specifically serve our youth. If you have a child or know someone that would be interested in being a part of our dynamic youth group, let us know!

Pathfinders is a worldwide organization for any youth in grades 5 to 10. It also has a special program for youth in grades 19 to 12 called Teen Leadership Training (TLT). In the world of Pathfindering, you can...

  • Learn Christian values
  • Develop self-discipline
  • Make friends
  • Enjoy safe and exciting adventures
  • Learn what teamwork is all about
  • Prepare for church and community responsibilities
  • Cultivate courage, self-reliance, honesty, loyalty, and kindness
  • Learn under the guidance and association of mature Christian counselors
  • Acquire hobbies and skills
  • Grown in an atmosphere of love and acceptance
  • Discover your world and yourself

The Adventurer Club is also a worldwide organization sponsored by the Seventh-day
Adventist church for any youth in grades 1 to 4. It is for kids that count and parents that care! In the world of Adventuring, children can:

  • Learn Christian values
  • Experience the joy of doing things well
  • Express their love for Jesus naturally
  • Learn good sportsmanship and people skills
  • Discover their God-given abilities and use them to benefit themselves and others
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