Speaker Brian McMahonWELCOME…

to the Discover Prophecy Seminar!  It is so exciting to have you as part of our audience.  Our speaker, is Brian McMahon, best known for his Revelation Promises Hope broadcast which is aired worldwide.  In this continuing series, Brian will provide keen insights on the imminent future from the pages of Scripture.


We are dedicated to helping people learn more about Jesus Christ and the Bible.  We are committed to teaching the good news of salvation and deciphering the Bible’s relevant prophecies for today.  We believe that Jesus is the eternal Son of God and our Savior from sin.  Our seminar is for people of all faiths and backgrounds.


A program schedule will be handed out as you leave Monday evening listing all the remaining seminar subject titles and meeting dates.


Please complete all information requested on the ticket envelope to reg-ister for the seminar. This will enable you to receive

various gifts offered throughout the seminar for those who register and remember to scan their tickets nightly.


Should you have any questions or comments on any of the lectures or any Bible question in general, please feel free to submit them in writing to the Questions and Comments Box located on the Registration Table.


We have provided Children’s Classes for ages 2-11.  Please check with the hostesses or hosts and take your child personally to their class each evening and pick them up at the close of the meeting.  If you have any questions or needs, our hostesses and hosts in the auditorium lobby will be happy to assist you.


If you enjoy tonight’s presentation, there will be recordings available for purchase starting Sunday evening after the meeting. DVD’s of the seminar topics will also be available.  Many of the songs heard before and after the lectures are also available on CD.  The sales table will be visible as you come and go near the exit doors of the lobby.  So sit back and enjoy your jour-ney through the pages of Scripture for answers to meet the needs of today!


Sun, Mar 6, 7:00 PM

A Thief in the Night!

Mon, Mar 7, 7:00 PM

Spiritualism Exposed!

Death’s Mystery Solved!

Tue, Mar 8, 7:00 PM

Revelation's 1000 Years

Thur, Mar 10, 7:00 PM

God's Love Revealed

in Hell-Fire

Fri, Mar 11, 7:00 PM

The Issue that Divides

the World

…Upcoming lectures will be announced.


Speaker Brian McMahon

PO Box 517

Colville, WA  99114