get to know me
What does it mean to follow Jesus?  
What does it mean to follow?  
When I was in elementary school, I was taught a game called "follow the leader."  It's a simple game to play.  One person is designated as the "leader" and everyone else would have to follow everything that he/she did.  Anyone that did not follow what the leader did was out of the game.  The game was played until everyone but one was out.  Then he/she would become the leader and the game would begin again.
While following Jesus is not a game, it follows the same principle of that elementary game: follow the leader.  Following Jesus involves intentionality.  Following Jesus involves a choice.  We can choose to follow, or not follow Jesus.
But do we know who we're following?  Do we know who Jesus is?  He once asked His disciples in Matthew 16:15, "who do you say that I am?"  He had asked them what everyone else said about Him.  Now Jesus got personal and specific with them: who did they, the disciples, say who Jesus was?
I turn that question to you and me today.  Some of us have grown up in a Christian home, grew up in a church community or went to a Christian school.  We've been taught about Jesus, but I wonder, do we have personal knowledge of Him?  What I mean by that is that, have we made it a personal pursuit to know who He really is?  
It's vital, it's imperative for us to know who He is in order for us to make the life-changing choice to follow Him.  To be a Christian is not to follow ideals or doctrine - it's to follow a Person.  
To know Christ changes things - it changes you.  Have you gotten to know Jesus Christ?  
If you haven't, Jesus appeals to you today: get to know Me.