Defining moments.  Everyone has had a defining moment.  In those moments we make decisions, we take a step in a direction that changes our lives.  You are never the same.
Making the decision to follow Jesus Christ is a defining moment.  It changes everything.  
When I think of someone who's made a decision to follow God, I think of the prophet Elisha in 1 Kings 19.  He was the son of a wealthy family.  Most families had one plow, but his family had 12!  He was the heir of the family estate.  He was set up for life!
Along comes the prophet Elijah.  The weary prophet throws his mantle upon young Elisha declaring that he had chosen him as his heir.  This was a call to be a prophet.  This was a call to follow God in a way that he would have never imagined.  
Elijah was giving Elisha a test of faith.  How would he respond?
Elisha went home, slaughtered the oxen and burned the plow.  It was more than just quitting his job, it was writing himself out of his family's will.  It was his last supper.  
Elisha the farmer ended.  Elisha the prophet began.  It was his statement of faith.  No plan B.  No going back.  This was his defining moment.
Just like with Elisha, Christ offers you the chance to follow Him.  
Have you decided to follow Jesus?  Because if you do, you have to understand that there's no turning back.  No turning back.  It's all or nothing.  You'll never be the same.