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Kemens Desruisseaux

Apr 30, 2022


Jesus came not only to die for our sins but to give us new life and help us with our problems. But how can we surrender our heavy burdens to God? Our study will be based on Psalm 55:22.

Pastor Nelson Mercado

Nov 27, 2021


There seems to be little in the way of gratitude these days. Could it be that we have forgotten God's benefits? What are the benefits we receive from God? Join us as we study Ps. 103.

49.8 MB

Pastor Nelson Mercado

Jun 19, 2021


Our Heavenly Father has characteristics that should cause us to bless and imitate Him. What are they?

20.6 MB

Pastor Nelson Mercado

Oct 10, 2020

Pastor Nelson Silva

Nov 16, 2019

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