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Pastor Nelson Mercado

Mar 12, 2022


God has given each person a gift that they are to share with others to help advance His agenda. They are called "spiritual gifts." What are they, why are they important, and will you use them? Join us as we study the writings of Paul in Rom. 12, 1 Cor. 12, and Eph. 4.

38.4 MB

Pastor Nelson Mercado

Sep 11, 2021


Firefighters need protective gear to be effective and safe. As Christians, we are in the middle of a war and we too need protective gear. What is the Christian uniform?

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Pastor Nelson Mercado

Jan 16, 2021

God created marriage in Eden to be a life long blessing between a man and a woman. But what does submission have to do with a life long happy marriage? What does submission look like?

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Pastor Nelson Mercado

Sep 21, 2019

Praise and Worship Nate Hatcher, Sr.
Introit: Surely the Presence
*Invocation Pastor Nelson Mercado
*Hymn 476 Burdens are Lifted at Calvary
Prayer Song He Is Here (On Screen)
**Intercessory Prayer Brian Wilcox
Tithe & Love Offerings Brent Cordis
Church Budget: Ministries & Operations
Offertory Pat Ward & Marjie Johns
Scripture Reading Eula Sibrel
Ephesians 1:7
Music Meditation Darlene Jean-Phillippe
Through the Word Pastor Mercado
“Richer Than You Think”
Ordinance of Humility (break for foot washing service)
Children’s Story (at sanctuary front Dawn Blackshear
Congregation Reconvenes in Sanctuary for Lord’s Supper
Reception of Emblem of Bread Prayer by Pastor Mercado
Reception of Emblem of Wine Prayer by Daniel Aluoch
*Hymn 462 Blessed Assurance, Jesus Is Mine!
*Benediction Pastor Nelson Mercado
Postlude Marjie Johns

*Congregation please stand
**Congregation please kneel

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